Last week my family and I went camping for a week to celebrate my youngest daughter’s first birthday. I can’t believe that she’s already 1! It’s amazing to think how fast this year has flown by and how much she’s grown. It’s equally amazing to realize that it means I’ve been in business as a content marketer and blogger for a year. Truly – time does fly when you’re having fun, and working from home is a form of fun (and chaos) I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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I blogged about our trip a little bit a few days ago – it started with a bang. Literally. The door next to my second-youngest daughter – my 2 year old – received a rock through the window from a passing rock hauler. Glory to God, she was unharmed, and thanks to a fast acting insurance company, we were back in action in no time at all.

Apparently that set the tone for the entire trip!  The night we picked up the trailer to head to the campsite, both of the little ones were in the throes of teething molars, and we experienced some unusually low temperatures for the end of May. Translation: our 2 year old and our 1 year old were awake all night long.

Given that our final destination for our camping trip (the Northern California coast) was set to be even colder and more damp, we made the difficult decision to scrap the camping trip altogether. A few hasty phone calls later, we had a place to stay with friends who were delighted we’d called.

But between you and me, I felt like the world’s crummiest parent. I knew we’d made the right choice (to paraphrase a common saying, if a 1 year old and a 2 year old aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, right?)  But it felt like we’d completely let our kids down, along with blowing our 1 year old’s special birthday celebration.

Yep. I pretty much felt like giving up on the concept of having a fun family trip, and it had just begun.

But something amazing happened in the experience of being flexible and going with the flow.  At first our kids were totally bummed by the change in plans – we’d planned this trip for the past year. But when we explained where we were staying – and that yes, we’d still be able to roast marshmallows (the standard by which every campout is judged), they dove right in to the experience and had a blast with some friends they hadn’t seen in a year.

And this has since been judged The. Best. Family. Vacation. Ever.

When you’re working on building a successful business online, it can be tempting to give up when times get tough. Especially when you’ve worked on something for a long time and it doesn’t go anything like you’ve planned, staying motivated is tough.

The key to building a successful business online and staying motivated when things don’t go as you’ve planned is flexibility and a determination to find a way to keep on moving forward.

And the key to being able to be flexible is to have a plan and to know what your goals really are.

Sometimes when building a business – online or a brick and mortar business, you can get so caught up in the process you’re using to reach your goals that you forget that it’s just that – a process. It’s the vehicle that’s getting you from here to there. It’s not the goal itself.

When my family and I planned our camping adventure, the goal wasn’t really camping itself. It was to spend quality time together without the everyday distractions. It was to reconnect. And it was for each of us to refresh our souls.

By all accounts, even though our trip went nothing like we’d planned, it was a 100% success.

Question: How do you stay motivated when your business goes nothing like you’d planned? 

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1 Comment on How to Stay Motivated Even When You Feel Like Giving Up

  1. John.
    June 30, 2013 at 11:11 am (5 years ago)

    I`m a New start-up and can`t claim to have a “successful business” yet, but I`v been building the infra-structure for over a year now and it`s Not been easy!
    So for Me, I remember the part where it said something like “Look at the birds in the trees and the lillies in the field, they don`t toil and worry all day and yet the Father looks after them, How much greater are You?”
    then I realise the main weapons of the enemy are Doubt and Fear.

    when I run these 2 thoughts at the same time, everything just falls into perspective again.
    That and having a stubborn streak really helps 🙂


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