Google Plus might be the most important social media platform that has ever existed.

how to use google plus to boost your blog's visibility

Bold statement, right?  Especially since so many people aren’t using it!

But here’s the thing. Because of the way Google Plus is set up, this powerful social network has the power to give your blog more visibility than any of the other networks out there. And if you’re not leveraging its abilities, you are missing out on traffic from a number of sources, not just straight from Google.

Here’s how Google Plus can boost your visibility as a blogger.

Google Plus Authorship

Google Plus lets you connect your blog (Blogger or WordPress) with your Google profile. This is easily set up with a plugin.  This helps you a few ways.  For starters – you get an SEO boost when Google “sees” all of your content across the web that’s connected with your Google Plus profile. If this content is related in topic and theme, it starts to build your authority and relevance for that topic. Over time, this will move you up on search engine results.  Of course you must make sure your content is worth reading, too, otherwise you won’t get much of a benefit. People have to both find and read your content for SEO to help you.

Google Plus Communities

Google Plus became a much more interactive platform with the addition of Communities, and it’s a super easy way to connect with, learn from, and share information with people in your niche.  Search Google Plus for Communities related to your field – or get adventurous and start your own!  Note – if you start your own, you’ll want to stay involved with it. It doesn’t make you look like a thought leader if you’re never around to facilitate conversation in your community!

Google Plus +1 Social Proof

Just like the “Like” on Facebook or “Retweeting” or “Sharing” on Twitter, the benefits of social proof when people +1 your content can’t be overlooked.  Of course when other people see your content has been shared this way, it gives you the strength that other people’s approval grants. However – it’s also important because it’s also a signal that Google takes into consideration when delivering search engine results. If your content has a high number of shares, Google will naturally “see” it as more relevant and authoritative in your field. And this will give you stronger search engine rankings for your topics.

Speaking of Google…

Google Plus is important for bloggers for one key reason: It’s Google.  Like it or not, the name Google has become synonymous with search. And Google continues to favor Google-owned properties in search engine results. Once your blog is set up with Google Plus Authorship and connected to your Google profile, you will get the biggest boost in SEO if you are an active member of the Google Plus community and add content that is relevant and valuable to people searching for great content in your field.

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