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In a world where 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles rather than an advertisement and 60% of B2B company influencers say that company content helps them make better decisions, the world of traditional advertising is clearly in the rear view mirror.

Consumers and companies (who, face it, are made of individual consumers too), have mentally shut off traditional advertising. At best – it’s simply as if it doesn’t exist.  At worst – traditional advertising, with 100% of the focus on the company and not on the customer, simply appears spammy, disingenuous and detracts from the overall image of the company engaging in it.

Enter Custom SEO Content Writing Services

There are many definitions online for content marketing with SEO engineered content. At its core, content marketing is the art of creating valuable, useful, relevant information with a purpose of attracting, engaging and converting a very specific target audience or ideal client.

Content marketing isn’t random information. And SEO content isn’t just keyword stuffed garbage.  Random information has a variety of other names – junk mail, spam, and garbage.  Content marketing is useful, valuable and relevant information.  This is why content marketing works. When your ideal customer encounters your message, they’re compelled to stop, notice, read, and interact with your brand. Content marketing attracts customers ready to make a buying decision.  And when you’ve built a history of trust with them by being a source of information they’ve been able to use, chances are, they’ll buy from you.

Content + Strategy = Content Marketing

At PaulineMagnusson.com, we develop the kind of useful, engaging and valuable content you’d be proud to be associated with.  It’s content written in your voice, content that sounds like you wrote it.  Content is developed around a custom-designed strategy to communicate your brand’s vision and mission to your customers in a way they can’t wait to get more of.

Branded Updates

Not just your logo, slogan and colors, every piece of content produced under your company’s name (website, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, etc.) either boosts the power of your brand or detracts from it. There is no neutral when it comes to branding with content.  How does your content affect the power of your brand? 

Search Engine Optimization

Quality content marketing is attractive to search engines in a way that simple keyword stuffing can’t achieve. Without well written, branded content, all of the keyword strategies in the world will not boost the power of your brand. If your customers see your content as spammy and useless, you’ll wish they merely ignored it rather than developing a negative impression of your company because of it.

Content marketing optimization is the cutting edge blend of solid content that’s been optimized for search by using rich, context-appropriate keywords in a way that Google and other major search engines reward. Quality content attracts authoritative inbound links and boosts your organic search traffic.

As you continue to provide quality content that’s been optimized to attract search engine results, you gain ranking via search engines while developing the trust of your customers and prospects.

Content Marketing Boosts Sales

A 2012 study by BlogHer found that in a “trust test,” women choose blog reviews over Facebook friends or celebrity endorsements of a brand when deciding to buy.

Some brands may believe that a company blog is too time consuming and not an important part of a wholistic content marketing strategy.  They might believe, for instance, that Facebook and Twitter are better (read: easier, cheaper) alternatives.  The fact is this: a blog is part of a solid content marketing strategy that includes cross channel posting to appropriate social networking platforms.

Ready to explore content marketing strategies for your business?  Contact us today.

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