I had some great responses to my post last week about content marketing and how not to create content that, well, sucks!  It was exciting to hear people get into discussions about what really makes for engaging content, and what the role of SEO is in the process.

One question that was raised brought up a good point that I’d like to clarify. The writer asked about a statement I made that being found by Google isn’t the purpose of your blog.

She was surprised and asked what I meant.  Clearly if your blog isn’t found by the major search engines like Google, it’s unlikely that people will randomly find your blog and read it, even if it contains content to rival Shakespeare (or Twilight, depending on your preference for reading).

So I wanted to take a moment to explain what I meant.

Of course I want your blog (and mine!) to be found by Google. I want Google to see me as authoritative on the subject of content development and content strategy and to including my content close to the top of a Google search on subjects like content marketing and content strategy.

But that’s not the purpose of my blog. Or at least not the sole purpose.

Content Marketing – It’s Not Just About Google

SEO and improved rankings via Google exist to facilitate a further end with respect to your blog. The reason you want your blog to show up close to the top in a Google search is for the human readers you want to come to your site, read your blog, develop a relationship with you, and, if you have the goods or services that match their needs, to become your customer.

But even if you have the greatest SEO in the world, they’re not going to do that if your content isn’t compelling enough to click, read, and come back regularly.

In other words – if your blog is optimized for search perfectly but no one actually clicks the link from Google (much less reads beyond the title), the SEO has been for nothing.

It’s sort of like that old philosophy question – if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, did it make a sound?

The purpose of search engine optimization is to get your blog found.  The purpose of content is to get your blog read.  Together they make your online business building efforts reach new heights.

I’m so passionate about the role that quality content plays in attracting and retaining customers that I am co-hosting a free webinar with Liz Maness of AssistSocialMedia.com on Tuesday at 7pm CST.  We’ll be talking about strategies for SEO to get your site found – and techniques for developing great content your audience can’t wait to read week after week.   Register here – and can’t wait to see you there!  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2190781662790589440



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